# New Release: 2.1.0

Elevator 2.1.0 adds a variety of new features based on user feedback.

  • Support for “ready for display” field mapping during input. Valid values are “on”, 1, or “true”
  • Populates a dropdown for tag fields in advanced search. Limited to 100 values.
  • Adds template-searching in the advanced search
  • Ability to control recursive indexing depth for related asset fields. Default changes to 1 (old value was 2). Can be set via template settings
  • Move most template settings to “advanced” view and set sensible defaults
  • Adds ability to sort by collection name (via Show Collection In Search Results instance setting)
  • Adds ability to sort by template name (via Show Template In Search Results instance setting)
  • Control over whether template and collection appear at the top or bottom of an asset page. At the top is a more typical breadcrumb style interface. This is controlled on a template-by-template basis in the advanced settings for the template.
  • Adds “Remove formatting” option to wysiwyg text entry
  • Architecture: Adds new error logging and reporting
  • Architecture: simplifies javascript for search and advanced search form
  • Architecture: begin returning proper json headers