News and Updates

  • New Release: 1.9.2
    This release revamps our image rotation detection, and adds support for rotating tiled (zooming) images. This change also ensure that rotation metadata is never written into thumbnail images, which could create problems due to the variance in how browsers handle that metadata.
  • New Release: 1.9.1
    This release adds “Lightbox” functionality to all assets. This allows for an in-browser “maximize” view, as opposed to the existing fullscreen functionality. This is better suited to things like Zoom calls, allowing you to magnify an asset without taking over your screen.
  • New Release: 1.9.0
    This release moves to iframes for all digital asset display. This unifies asset display between the Elevator site and embedded assets, simplifying the codebase dramatically and providing sandboxing for the digital asset display code. This resolves a number of weird state issues that could occur when mixing and matching different asset types on a single page. This change also alters the max sizes for embedded assets. The vertical height of an asset is now constrained to 70% of the viewport (browser) height. Generally, this means assets will be a little bigger by default. This paves the way for fully fluid …

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  • New Release: 1.8.4
    This release totally revamps the JWPlayer architecture for media playback. This includes support for HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) video delivery. This is optional at the instance-level. HLS delivers much faster video start and seek, and the expense of increased storage usage. This release also mandates HTTPS for accessing Elevator instances.
  • New Release: 1.8.3
    Login page improvements
  • New Release: 1.8.2
    This release fixes issues related to browsing collections with limited access.
  • New Release: 1.8.1
    This adds the option of displaying “next result” and “previous result” links to individual asset pages when clicking through from search results. This means you can click the first item in a search result and then navigate through the rest of the results without going back to the search page.
  • New Release: 1.8.0
    This update has a major change to the backend media processing framework for Elevator. Transcoding services have all been containerized using Docker, and are managed via a separate [GitHub Organization]( and Docker Hub. This provides much more resilience in the face of future updates and OS changes.
  • New Release: 1.7.8
    Elevator 1.7.8 adds a new per-instance option which allows you to show “previous” and “next” result links when viewing assets.  This way, if you do a search or browse a collection and then click into an asset, you’ll be able to continue navigating through the available assets without returning to the index. This option is off by default, and is enabled in instance settings. Other changes in this release: Fix for an issue when doing bulk updates via CSV that included multiple related assets within a single field Fix for an issue that prevented administrators from viewing the API key …

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  • New Release: 1.7.7
    This release updates the metadata extraction for image assets (including SVS) to extract more information and provide better hierarchical views of image metadata.  This will only impact newly uploaded assets.
  • New Release: 1.7.6
    This release introduces a new “gallery” tab within search results and drawer views.  This allows you to navigate assets, including all of their embedded assets.  It can run in fullscreen, or be embedded in other websites. This release also updates the SVS viewer with the ability to store server-side annotations.
  • New Release: 1.7.5
    This release replaces Google Maps with Leaflet/ESRI maps, due to licensing changes within Google.
  • New Release: 1.7.4
    This release dramatically changes some behind-the-scenes functionality around file uploads.  Elevator should now have much better handling for bulk uploads.  This allows you to select up to ~500 files for upload within a given asset.
  • New Release: 1.7.3
    This release adds explicit control over search engine indexing, as well as the ability to specify a custom thumbnail for audio embeds. Search Engine Indexing Within your instance settings, you can now control whether search engines like Google are permitted to index your instance.  This will be off by default. Audio Thumbnail Support By default, Elevator shows an audio waveform as a placeholder for audio assets.  You can now optionally specify another image in place of the waveform.  To enable this, add a “thumbnailTarget” key your upload widget, specifying the field to use for the thumbnail.  Generally, you’d add a …

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  • New Release: 1.7.2
    This release adds support for “employee type” as a permissions selector within the University of Minnesota deployment.  These will be values like “faculty”, “staff”, etc.
  • New Release: 1.7.1
    This release adds the ability to do bulk updates via CSV, and the ability to use iframe embeds in place of Elevator-hosted assets. Bulk CSV updates To do a bulk update via CSV, we recommend first downloading a CSV for a given set of assets.  This is only available to instance admins.  Then remove any columns you won’t be editing.  Be sure to leave the ObjectID column in place.  Make any necessary changes and save the CSV. Use the “import CSV” functionality to bring that CSV back in, matching the ObjectID field with the ObjectID selection in the dropdown.  This …

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  • New Release: 1.7.0
    This update adds the ability to drag and drop individual entries within the asset editor.  This allows you to manually set the display order for widgets that have “allow multiple” enabled.  Please note, the “primary” flag will still override this and cause those items to be sorted first.
  • Elevator Roadmap
    Now that we’re launching more sites with Elevator, I thought I’d take a moment to discuss what’s coming in the future. There are a couple exciting futures planned for Spring 2016.  These include the ability to bulk import records from CSV Files, as well as better integration between the search results page and the asset view pages (so you can easily jump to the next search result when viewing an asset). For folks adding or editing assets, we’re going to continue enhancing the curation interface with some new helper widgets (like a date picker when editing ‘date’ items). We’ve also …

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  • Moodle Plugin Now Live
    The plugin for Elevator within the University of Minnesota’s Moodle instance (ay15-16) is now live.  For existing Elevator users, this means you can now browse Elevator content via the Image Picker within Moodle.  Please let us know if you have any trouble with this feature – we’re very excited about what it may mean for Elevator users.