Elevator has a broad and deep feature-set, defined to meet the needs of both small scale collections and large institutional repositories.

We’re currently working on a variety of demo screencasts to walk you through the features, but we’ve outlined a few of the most important items below.

  • No fixed metadata schema – create the schemas that are appropriate for your content, mix and match schemas, or make changes at any time.  It’s truly flexible.
  • Upload any digital asset – Whether it’s a traditional media file, a Microsoft Office document, a SCORM bundle, or a proprietary filetype, Elevator can catalog it, archive it, and in most cases offer rich display.
  • Web Only, Fully responsive – Elevator is designed to work just as well on mobile devices and tablets as it does on the desktop.  Whether you’re watching movies or interacting with a 3D object, any device will do.  You can also add new assets from a mobile device.
  • Cloud-focused, open source stack – Elevator is designed to run on the Amazon Web Services platform, which provides very cost effective storage, highly scalable servers, and limited management needs.  We’re also exploring options for true Software As A Service delivery for outside users, who don’t want to handle the IT side of things.