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Embedding Assets in WordPress

The Elevator WordPress plugin allows you to easily embed assets from Elevator within your WordPress posts and pages.

Installing and Configuring the Plugin

To install the plugin, simply search the WordPress plugin library for “Elevator” and add it. You’ll need admin permissions.

After installing it, visit the settings page for the Elevator Asset Browser (within your WordPress “settings” section).  You’ll need to configure a bit of information.  First, enter the full URL for the Elevator site you’d like to use. You’ll also need a couple special bits of information – your Elevator key and secret.  You can find these by visiting your preferences page within Elevator.

Copy the key and secret values from Elevator (you’ll need to click the “eye” icon to reveal the secret) and paste them into the same fields in WordPress.

The plugin has a couple other settings, relating to the defaults for embedded assets.  The “include summary text” box controls whether the plugin adds some basic metadata about your assets when embedding them within WordPress.  If this box isn’t checked, the asset will be embedded without any additional data.

The “link to original asset” field controls whether the embedded asset contains a link back to your Elevator instance.

Using the Plugin

The plugin can be used on any post or page within Elevator.  Once it’s installed, you’ll see a new “Add Asset from Elevator” box in your editor.  Clicking that will launch your Elevator site in a new window.  Simply browse your instance to find the asset you’d like to embed, and then click the “Add to WordPress” button in the toolbar.  That’ll automatically create the appropriate embed within your WordPress post.

Advanced Usage

The Elevator plugin uses a special WordPress “shortcode” to handle the embed.  After embedding an asset, you can manually adjust values like height, width, or the embed options by changing the shortcode.  Click the preview button at any time to see how it’s working.


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