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Types of Groups

Permission can be granted to a variety of types of users.  These groups will vary with different Elevator installs.  Below is the list available at the University of Minnesota.

  • All Users – anyone, without authentication
  • Authenticated Users – anyone with an account
  • Centrally Authenticated Users – university accounts
  • Class Number – limited to a specific courseId
  • Dept/Course number – supports wildcards, to capture multiple lecture sessions
  • Job code – limited based on a job code
  • Unit – A University of Minnesota department ID
  • Specific People – a group of people, defined by their account name
  • Student Status (Grad/Undergrad)
  • Employee Type (Faculty/Student/Staff/etc)

Depending on your credentials, some of these may present “suggested values”.  For example, if you’re an instructor, Elevator will automatically suggest the courses you’re teaching.

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