New Release: 1.7.3

This release adds explicit control over search engine indexing, as well as the ability to specify a custom thumbnail for audio embeds.

Search Engine Indexing

Within your instance settings, you can now control whether search engines like Google are permitted to index your instance.  This will be off by default.

Audio Thumbnail Support

By default, Elevator shows an audio waveform as a placeholder for audio assets.  You can now optionally specify another image in place of the waveform.  To enable this, add a “thumbnailTarget” key your upload widget, specifying the field to use for the thumbnail.  Generally, you’d add a second upload widget to your template to host the thumbnail, and set it not to display.

To find the field name, use the control-command-h or control-alt-h keyboard combination when editing the template.  The “internal title” field is the item you need.