Elevator Roadmap

Now that we’re launching more sites with Elevator, I thought I’d take a moment to discuss what’s coming in the future.

There are a couple exciting futures planned for Spring 2016.  These include the ability to bulk import records from CSV Files, as well as better integration between the search results page and the asset view pages (so you can easily jump to the next search result when viewing an asset).

For folks adding or editing assets, we’re going to continue enhancing the curation interface with some new helper widgets (like a date picker when editing ‘date’ items).

We’ve also got some behind-the-scenes updates planned to better utilize our cloud resources, and to allow for better sharing of resources between deployments of Elevator.

This summer we’d also like to tackle an enhancement of the permissions screen.  However, this one is going to take some user feedback – if folks have ideas for what would make that interface easier, please let us know.